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V17 RC Remote Control Aircraft

V17 RC Remote Control Aircraft

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The V17 RC Remote Control Aircraft is the perfect toy for any child who loves to fly. This small and lightweight design makes it easy to assemble and fly, even for beginners. With a powerful motor, it can take off easily from the ground, giving your child a thrilling flying experience.

Equipped with a 4-channel remote control, the V17 RC Aircraft gives you complete control over its movements. Whether you want to fly indoors or outdoors, the 2.4GHz technology ensures a stable and interference-free connection, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted flights.

  • Easy to assemble and fly, even for beginners
  • Powerful motor for easy takeoff from the ground

The V17 RC Remote Control Aircraft is designed with durability in mind. Its sturdy construction and flexible design make it resistant to crashing, so you can fly with confidence. The aircraft's durable EPP material ensures it can withstand minor impacts without sustaining damage.

With a flight time of approximately 12-15 minutes, your child can enjoy extended periods of flying fun before recharging the aircraft's 3.7V lithium battery using the included USB charger. The remote control's range of about 120m allows for long-distance flights, giving your child ample space to explore the skies.

  • Durable construction made from EPP material
  • Long flight time of 12-15 minutes

The V17 RC Remote Control Aircraft comes with everything you need to get started, including the aircraft itself, a remote control, a pair of propellers, a USB charger, and an English manual. Treat your child to the gift of flight today and let their imagination soar with the V17 RC Remote Control Aircraft.

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