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The Kitty Sack Bowl

The Kitty Sack Bowl

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The Kitty Sack Bowl is a revolutionary innovation for your feline companion. Say goodbye to vomiting and joint pain with this carefully designed bowl that puts your cat's health and comfort first.

With its raised and tilted design, the Kitty Sack Bowl relieves pressure on your cat's stomach and joints during mealtime. This not only prevents upsetting vomiting episodes but also promotes healthy digestion, ensuring your furry friend gets the most out of their meals.

Designed in consultation with veterinarians, the Kitty Sack Bowl features a gentle 15-degree slant to safeguard your cat's precious cervical spine. So while your feline friend eagerly devours their food, you can have peace of mind knowing that their neck is properly supported.

Not only is the Kitty Sack Bowl functional, but it's also practical. The bowl is dishwasher safe, making cleaning quick and effortless. The non-slip stand keeps the bowl securely in place, eliminating messy spills and unnecessary messes in your home.

Rest assured, the Kitty Sack Bowl is made from safe and durable materials that are built to last. Your cat's wellbeing is important, and this bowl is designed with their long-term health in mind.

  • Relieves pressure on your cat's stomach and joints, reducing vomiting and promoting digestion
  • Gentle 15-degree slant protects your cat's cervical spine while eating

With the Kitty Sack Bowl, your cat will enjoy mealtimes like never before. Invest in their comfort and wellbeing today.

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