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Spiral Clothes Hanger Rack

Spiral Clothes Hanger Rack

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Are you always overwhelmed by the amount of laundry you have to deal with? Get the Spiral Clothes Hanger Rack and say goodbye to your laundry woes. Constructed from premium stainless steel material, this spiral clothes hanger rack is designed for long lasting space-saving convenience. This amazing 2-pack, large capacity hanger has enough length up to 80 inches to hold your bed sheets, blankets, curtains, and other items. And it’s so easy to install – just screw the hook into the spiral portion of the hook then insert into the hole of the spiral rack, and lastly, tighten the screw cap into the spiral section of the hook.


Plus, this 360-degree swivel hook makes it an all-around sun cure. The spiral form will keep your coverlets securely in place on the rack while its large weight capacity of 22 lbs assures that it can handle most bedclothes easily. You can even wash and dry multiple coverlets at once thanks to this incredible device! No more overcrowding or worrying about creases or wind damage - get perfect results each time you use it! Installation and storage are both simple – all you have to do is put it away in a closet or on a wall after every use.


Make doing laundry easier today with this convenient Spiral Clothes Hanger Rack!



Material: Stainless Steel Material
Color: White
Capacity: 22 lbs
Size: Diameter: 12mm, Length: 2.2m


Package Includes:

1 x Spiral Clothes Hanger Rack
1 x Hook
1 x Screw
1 x Screw Cap

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