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Scalp Massage Air Cushion Comb

Scalp Massage Air Cushion Comb

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Get ready for the most revolutionary hairstyling tool on the market today, the Scalp Massage Air Cushion Comb! Our cutting-edge comb design is the perfect solution for your hair needs and was designed specifically with you in mind. Our air cushion feature gently massages your scalp while blow drying – giving you relief from fatigue and dryness. The innovative arc high density comb is one of the secrets to achieving smooth and healthy hair, effortlessly. Not only does it look beautiful, but the turbo exhaust quickly and securely fastens to the wall so you can keep it stored safely when not in use. Experience all these unique features in one stylish package that come available in four different colors. Don’t wait any longer! Get yours now and join millions around the world who have already been blessed by this revolutionary design!

Origin: Mainland China
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Product Name: electroplated hollow comb / electroplated hollow comb gift box
Color: pink, champagne gold
Package size: individual comb box: 257 * 72 * 54mm/10*2.8*2.1in, set box: 312 * 180 * 75mm/12.2*7*2.95in
Material: ABS (electroplating) + TPR


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