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Mega Soaker P90 - Rechargeable High-Power Water Blaster

Mega Soaker P90 - Rechargeable High-Power Water Blaster

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Get ready for unstoppable water fun with the Mega Soaker P90. This water blaster is designed to take your summer adventures to the next level. No more running out of water or constantly refilling tiny water guns - the Mega Soaker P90 features a large capacity tank and a rechargeable battery, ensuring hours of non-stop splashing action.

Our team of water enthusiasts has crafted the Mega Soaker P90 using durable materials that guarantee long-lasting performance. Whether you're at the beach, pool, park, or even at school, this powerful water blaster is up for any adventure. It's time to cool off and have a blast on those scorching summer days!

  • Powerful Soaking Action: The Mega Soaker P90 delivers a formidable stream of refreshing water, drenching your opponents from head to toe. Get ready to dominate any water fight with this high-performance water blaster.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: With its rechargeable battery and user-friendly design, the Mega Soaker P90 is perfect for kids and adults alike. Simply fill up the tank, power it on, and unleash a deluge of water. A simple screwdriver is included for easy battery changes.

Looking for some aquatic stealth action? The Mega Soaker P90 also comes with a silencer, allowing you to surprise your friends with a sneak attack. Who said water fights can't be tactical?!


  • Length: 50cm / 20in
  • Height: 20cm / 8in
  • Width: 5cm / 2in
  • Material: Plastic

Package Includes:

  • 1* Mega Soaker P90
  • 1* Rechargeable Battery
  • 1* Cable for Charging
  • 1* Screwdriver (for Battery Changes)
  • 1* Silencer

Make a splash this summer with the Mega Soaker P90. Order yours now and turn any outdoor gathering into an epic water war!

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