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Magnetic Fraction Tiles

Magnetic Fraction Tiles

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Introducing our Magnetic Fraction Tiles, the perfect tool to make learning fractions a fun and engaging experience for your kids! These colorful tiles are designed to help children grasp the concept of fractions easily, making math lessons a breeze.

With a total of 83 pieces, each set contains a comprehensive range of fraction tiles from 1 to 1/16, allowing children to explore various fractions. The vibrant colors of the tiles represent different fractions, enabling visual learners to understand and remember them effortlessly.

Not only are these tiles great for individual study, but they are also perfect for educational demonstrations on whiteboards or magnetic chalkboards. Their thick magnet backing ensures easy manipulation, allowing kids to interact with the tiles as they solve fraction problems.

  • Enhance Learning: These Magnetic Fraction Tiles provide a hands-on approach to fractions, helping children develop a solid understanding of this crucial math concept.
  • Multi-Purpose: Perfect for both independent study and classroom use, these versatile tiles can be used on whiteboards, magnetic chalkboards, or any magnetic surface.

Each tile is made from EVA material, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. With dimensions of 240x20x5mm (9.44x0.78x0.19inch), they are just the right size for kids to handle comfortably.

Get your kids excited about fractions and give them the tools they need to succeed in math with our Magnetic Fraction Tiles. Order your set today and make learning fractions an enjoyable adventure!


  • Material: EVA
  • Size: 240x20x5mm / 9.44x0.78x0.19inch

Package Includes:

83 Pieces Rainbow Fraction Tiles

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