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Rotating 9-Hole Hanger Storage Rack | Innovative Design & Versatile Hanging

Rotating 9-Hole Hanger Storage Rack | Innovative Design & Versatile Hanging

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Introducing our Hanger Storage Rack – the versatile and sturdy clothes drying rack you've been searching for!

Crafted with strong PP material, this hanger storage rack offers a convenient nine-hole branch design that is perfect for hanging shirts, dresses, pants, and more. Its innovative rotating hanging head allows you to access your clothes from any angle, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Whether you need to air dry your laundry indoors or take it with you on the go, this storage hanger is perfect for any occasion. Its compact size, measuring about 33.5*1.6*17.5cm, ensures easy portability without sacrificing functionality.

Here are some key features and benefits of our Hanger Storage Rack:

  • Versatile Hanging: With its nine-hole branch design, this rack allows you to hang various clothing items, maximizing the use of space.
  • 360-Degree Rotation: The hanging head can be effortlessly rotated, giving you quick and easy access to your clothes.

This Hanger Storage Rack is made with quality PP material, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Weighing only about 90g, it is lightweight and easy to handle. It comes packed in an OPP bag, keeping it protected during shipping.

Upgrade your drying experience with our Hanger Storage Rack. Order now and say goodbye to tangled clothes and inefficient drying methods!

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