Anti Gravity Car Track

Anti Gravity Car Track

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The "Anti Gravity Car Track" is an exciting and innovative toy set designed for kids, providing them with hours of entertainment and creative play. Here are some key features and details about this toy:  


Eco-Friendly Material: The toy is made of eco-friendly materials, ensuring safety for children while also being kind to the environment.

This product operates using a rechargeable battery.

Endless Fun and Easy Storage: This toy set offers endless fun for children while also being easy to store. After playtime, the track can be rolled up for convenient storage and portability.

Create Any Shape: The set uses Serpentine Technology, allowing kids to easily bend, flex, and curve the track in 360 degrees, giving them the freedom to create a customized speedway for their race cars.

Easy Assembly: Assembling the track is a breeze, as kids can simply snap the pieces together to create their own unique track design. The track is equipped with features like pulleys and rollovers to enhance the racing experience.

Perfect Wish List Gift: This toy set makes an ideal gift for children. It encourages creativity and can be combined with household items like books, boxes, or trays to create tunnels, ramps, bridges, and more for additional play possibilities.

Anti-Gravity Feature: One of the unique features of this toy is its anti-gravity capability. The race car can climb straight into the air on its own before safely descending back into the palm of your hand, adding an element of surprise and wonder to playtime.

The "Anti Gravity Car Track" provides children with a fun and engaging play experience that stimulates their creativity and problem-solving skills. The innovative anti-gravity feature adds an exciting and magical element to the toy, making it an excellent gift for kids.

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