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4 in 1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station

4 in 1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station

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Introducing the 4 in 1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station - the perfect solution to keep all your devices charged and organized. This sleek and versatile charging station is designed to simultaneously charge your iPhone 14, 13 Pro, Apple Watch 7/6, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/3, S22, S21.

With its powerful 100W output, this charging station ensures fast and reliable charging for your devices. No more waiting around for your devices to charge - get up to 65% faster charging speeds compared to other chargers on the market.

Featuring a foldable design, this charging station offers convenience and space-saving benefits. It's the perfect addition to your home or office, allowing you to keep your devices charged without cluttering your space with tangled wires.

  • Efficient and convenient: With the 4 in 1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station, you can charge multiple devices at once, saving you time and hassle.
  • Optimized charging: This charging station supports different output levels, allowing you to choose the optimal charging speed for each of your devices.

Say goodbye to carrying around multiple chargers and cables. This all-in-one charging station is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it perfect for travel or on-the-go charging needs. Simply fold it up, pack it in your bag, and you're ready to go.

Included in the package is a Type-C cable for easy connectivity. The charging station is available in black or white, allowing you to choose the color that fits your style.

Elevate your charging experience with the 4 in 1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station - where efficiency meets style.

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