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Synthetic Wave Hair Extensions

Synthetic Wave Hair Extensions

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Synthetic Wave Invisible Clip-in Hair Extensions

Product Description:

Simplest and Quickest Application: These hair extensions are designed for easy and quick application, making them perfect for anyone looking to add length and volume to their hair effortlessly.

High-Quality Hair: Despite their affordability, these extensions offer high-quality hair that looks and feels natural.

No Glue, No Damage: Unlike traditional extensions, these clip-in extensions don't require any glue, preventing damage to your natural hair.

Instant Fullness & Length: Achieve instant fullness and length with these extensions, transforming your look in minutes.

Large Color Selection: Available in a wide range of colors, ensuring there's a perfect match for your natural or color-treated hair.

Versatile Styling: These extensions can be straightened or curled (temperature should be between 150-180 degrees), allowing you to achieve various styles to suit your preference.

Material: Made from 100% synthetic Japan high-temperature fiber.

Length: Approximately 16", 20", or 24" without stretching.

Innovative Design: Featuring hair on a wire, these extensions offer an innovative way to add length and volume to your hair in less than a minute.

Multi-Color Options: Choose from a variety of colors guaranteed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair color. Whether you have ash, golden, or beige tones, there's a shade to match. You can even experiment with shades darker or lighter for highlighted or ombre effects.

Note: Please consider that colors may appear differently under different lighting conditions. For the most accurate color match, check your hair color under outdoor natural light during the day.

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