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Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set

Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set

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Ensure the safety of your beloved furry friend during walks with our Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set. This set includes a reflective harness and leash, providing visibility to cars and passersby. The adjustable harness guarantees a snug and comfortable fit around your pet's chest, while the leash features a convenient built-in handle for easy gripping.

Whether you are strolling around the block or going for a run in the park, our Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set will keep your pet safe and secure. The reflective material ensures visibility in low-light conditions, minimizing the chances of accidents. With this set, you can confidently explore the outdoors with your furry companion.

  • Enhanced Visibility: The reflective harness and leash ensure optimal visibility, making your pet easily spotted in any situation.
  • Adjustable Fit: The harness is adjustable, accommodating various chest sizes, resulting in a secure and comfortable fit for your pet.

Constructed with durable polyester material, this set is designed to withstand everyday use. The As Shown color adds a touch of style to your pet's attire. Our Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set includes one dog harness and one traction rope, providing all the essentials for a successful walk or run.

Invest in your pet's safety and comfort. Get our Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set today, and embark on worry-free walks and adventures together!

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