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Portable Reusable Grocery Bags

Portable Reusable Grocery Bags

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Introducing our Portable Reusable Grocery Bags – the eco-friendly essentials that make shopping a breeze while adding a dash of style to your sustainable lifestyle! 🌿🛍️

Crafted from washable cotton mesh with a handy short handle, these bags are not just for groceries – they're your go-to companions for trips to the market, beach days, picnics, and beyond! Say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to reusable goodness that keeps your fruits and veggies fresh and your conscience clear. Whether you're stocking up on produce or strolling through the farmer's market, our Portable Reusable Grocery Bags ensure you're both planet-friendly and effortlessly chic!

Upgrade your shopping game – embrace the power of reusable bags and join the movement to reduce waste in style! 🌎♻️ #GreenGoesGlam #SustainableStyle

Material: 100% Cotton 
Type: Shopping Bag/Storage Bag/Vegetable bags
Size: (Handle x width x height)10x35x38cm

Package Include:
1 x Storage Bag

Warm Tips:
1. +/-1~3 cm, there may be slight differences between manual and different batches.
2. Advantages: high quality cotton, high/low temperature resistance, leaching slip

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