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Multifunction Wireless Charger

Multifunction Wireless Charger

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Introducing the Multifunction Wireless Charger—your all-in-one solution for convenient charging. This QI-standard charger supports wireless charging output of up to 15W, making it perfect for phones and other compatible devices. Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to effortless charging.

With its innovative design, this charger combines functionality and style. The Receivable design cleverly conceals and retracts earphones and mobile phones on both sides, keeping your charging station organized and clutter-free. Plus, the built-in self-locking switch adds a touch of convenience and intelligence to your charging experience.

Experience discreet charging with the Side Earphone Charging feature. This feature allows you to charge Qi protocol wireless charging devices effortlessly, without drawing unnecessary attention. Perfect for those moments when you want to stay connected without any interruptions.

  • Fast and efficient charging: With an output of 15W for phones, 5W for watches, and 5W for earphones, this charger keeps your devices powered up in no time.
  • Secure and safe charging: Thanks to the human-like non-slip side cushion design at the bottom, your device stays securely in place while charging. No more worries about accidental slips or falls.

Not only does this charger excel in functionality, but it also comes packed with additional features. The built-in 230mAh battery ensures that your alarm clock stays powered, even during a power outage. Plus, the customizable RGB Color Changeable LED adds a touch of personalization to your charging station.

Package includes: 1x multifunction wireless charger.

Upgrade your charging experience with the Multifunction Wireless Charger. Get yours now and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging at its finest.

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