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Three-In-One Kitchen Egg Steamer with Penguin Egg Cooker

Three-In-One Kitchen Egg Steamer with Penguin Egg Cooker

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Introducing the Kitchen Egg Steamer, your new breakfast buddy for the perfect boiled eggs with a touch of fun and cuteness!

Are mornings always a rush? Say goodbye to egg-prep hassles and hello to the joy of adorable and efficient egg cooking with our Three in One Kitchen Egg Steamer!

Cracking the code to the perfect boiled eggs has never been this easy. Simply place up to 6 eggs of any size in the egg stands and let the magic unfold.

Here are two eggstraordinary features that will elevate your egg-sperience:

  • Egg-sclusive Design: The egg stands cater to eggs of all sizes and even create delightful egg bears. Whip up a batch of boiled eggs and start your day with a smile!
  • Insulated Egg-sperience: No more underdone or overdone eggs! Our egg boiler's insulated body guarantees eggs cooked to perfection.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Meet our charming penguin cooking egg rack. Measuring a cute 6" x 5" x 5", it adds a stylish touch to your kitchen, fridge, or even your desk!

Worried about handling hot eggs? Don't! Our egg pot comes with a long, cool handle for safe egg immersion and retrieval. Plus, it's heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe for effortless cleaning.

Upgrade your egg-sperience and say goodbye to the eggshell dance in the morning. With our Three in One Kitchen Egg Steamer, breakfast becomes an egg-stravaganza of fun and efficiency!

Get crackin' and order your Penguin Egg Cooker today!

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