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Candle Making Supplies Kit

Candle Making Supplies Kit

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Get ready to ignite your creativity with our Candle Making Supplies Kit!

Craft your own personalized scented candles with ease using our comprehensive DIY kit. From wax melting materials to aromatherapy candle jars and molds, we've got everything you need to unleash your inner candle-making maestro.

Whether you're a seasoned candle connoisseur or a newbie to the craft, our kit is designed for fun and simplicity. Create custom scents, experiment with different colors, and mold unique shapes to craft candles that reflect your style and personality.

Perfect for relaxing hobbies, thoughtful gifts, or adding ambiance to any space, our Candle Making Supplies Kit is the ultimate tool for unleashing your DIY spirit. Get ready to light up your world with homemade candles that are as unique as you are!

Name: Candle Set
Set A: 4-piece set of 550ml wax cup without scale 
Weight: About 295g
Length: 11*width 10*height 12cm
Inclusions: 600ml wax cup, 50 10cm wicks, 50 wick stickers, and 5 wood chip holders.

Set B: 6-piece set of 550ml wax cup with scale 
Weight: about 335g
Length: 11*width 10*height 12cm
Inclusions: 550ml wax cup with scale, 50 10cm wicks, 50 wick stickers, 5 wood chip holders, a long spoon, and 2 wax pots.

Wax Pot Combination Set
Weight: About 270g
Length 24.5*width 19*height 7cm
Inclusions: One 400ml wax pot, 100 20ml wicks, 100 wick stickers, 5 wick holder wood chips

Waxing pot + Thermometer Combination Set 
Weight: About 288g
Length: 27.5*width 16.5*height 7cm
Inclusions: 1 400ml waxing pot, 4 stirring rods, 50 wick stickers, 1 thermometer, 50 10cm wicks, 5 wood chip holders indivual

Packing list:
1 box set

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